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'Scaffolders saved my life after I fell under train at East Croydon'


A FOREMAN who fell between the train and platform at East Croydon station during a rush-hour crush has thanked one of the men who helped to save him.

Peter Gambrell, said he was "indebted" to two scaffolders who pulled him from under the train as people continued to board it around him.

Last week, the Advertiser reported how the dad-of-two wanted to find and thank the men who helped save him.

He has since been reunited with one of the men, Dean Banks, 31, a scaffolder from Walton Green, New Addington.

Dean's mother-in-law, Angela Wickenden, also from New Addington, realised who had helped after reading about the incident in last week's paper.

She told Dean, who coincidentally bumped into Peter at the station again on Tuesday morning this week.

"I don't think I did anything special, just what anyone should do," said Dean, who works for GKR Scaffolding.

"But Peter said he appreciated it and said thanks, it was good."

Peter, 47, from Waddon, broke a bone in his hand and suffered ligament damage in his leg in the fall, which happened on Tuesday, November 4, but was grateful it wasn't far worse.

"If the train had started moving, that was me done for," he said. "I was so grateful for them grabbing me more than anything because there were people still getting on the train. It was nice to know there was someone who would do something."

The other man who helped was an acquaintance of Dean's, Stephen Dunn, who he knew through playing football.

"I also told Dean to pass on my thanks to Stephen," said Peter.

Dean played down his heroic actions.

"Peter was to my right and I saw him slip down. It was crazy that people were still trying to get on the train.

"Me and Stephen just grabbed him by his arms and pulled him back up.

"I didn't think too much of it afterwards, it was only when my mother-in-law rang me to say I had been in the paper.

"I felt a bit coy and embarrassed to be honest."

Mrs Wickenden said she was "proud" of her son-in-law for what he did.

"He is a caring, fine young man, who I am proud to call my son-in-law.

"He's certainly a credit to New Addington."

Peter's wife, Nickola, 39, was especially glad the two strangers had saved her husband.

"I don't even want to think about what might have happened, it's horrendous."

She has since reported the incident to British Transport Police, who told her they had logged the incident with the Rail Accident Investigation Branch.

She said she was worried no station staff had appeared to spot the incident.

Station operator Southern confirmed it was investigating but declined to comment further.

'Scaffolders saved my life after I fell under train at East Croydon'

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