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'Kevin Costner used my family business in Croydon for set of Hollywood thriller'


ONE OF the Croydon's longest-standing family businesses was transformed into the set of a Hollywood thriller today. 

High Street Radio was converted into a pawnshop for Criminal, an upcoming movie featuring A-list actors including Kevin Costner.

The Dances With Wolves and Bodyguard star filmed a scene in the High Street store on Tuesday afternoon.

Paul Roach described meeting the star and seeing his 55-year-old business turned into a movie set as "surreal".

The photography and radio specialist was approached by a location spotter around six weeks ago.

Scenes from the film have also been shot in Croydon College since filming began over the weekend.

Mr Roach, who runs the business with his father Reg, said: "A location manager approached us and said he thought our shop would be ideal for a scene in the movie.

"It was a bit bizarre, to be honest. I thought someone was having a laugh.

"It has been pretty surreal ever since we agreed to do it.

"They sent a design team round and turned us from a shop selling radios and photographic equipment into a pawn shop.

"It was only when all the film crew arrived that I realised 'hang on, this is actually happening'."

High Street Radio was converted into a pawn shop on Monday ahead of filming on Tuesday.

Costner, who is starring alongside other household names including Tommy Lee Jones, Gary Oldman and Ryan Reynolds, was pictured outside the store wearing sunglasses, jeans and a green coat.

Mr Roach said the shop was used to film a short scene in which Costner's character pawns an item.

"We got to meet Kevin and he's a really lovely guy. He said 'Love the shop - thank you very much'.

"I wasn't sure how to reply. What do you say to a Hollywood A-lister?

"The director came up and said he thought the shop was a great location.

"I think they chose us because we've been here an awful long time and they wanted a traditional looking shop."

The film crew have since packed up and moved on but they have left a long-lasting impression on Mr Roach and his family.

He said: "It was great fun. We would do it again, whether it was an A-list celebrity or not.

"People were walking past the shop taking photographs. It was quite something!

"We're going to see our shop on the big screen. Our little business in the movies, I can't believe it." 

'Kevin Costner used my family business in Croydon for set of Hollywood thriller'

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