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IAN HOLLOWAY: Fans can help Crystal Palace break run of poor form


THE shock is, this run we're on is all happening right now after a decent season.

You never know how a group is going to handle it, but we need to start handling it because that's all that matters.

We have got to keep going, dig ourselves out and get a goal from anybody – it will be a defender to score a goal, a bit like Peter Ramage did at Watford.

We do everything together and when criticism comes, you have to be strong enough to take it and try to improve.

We've still got three games after Leicester, but they've gone and beat Bolton when they hadn't won for a while.

For me, it's all there to play for but we've just got to play better as a group – what we've been doing isn't good enough so we've got to fight and battle as a club.

I thought the fans were brilliant at Ipswich and that's what the lads need, they need the fans to be with them.

It would have only taken one goal or a decent pass in and around the box from our play, and Jonny Parr going off injured is a massive blow.

It's not looking good for Saturday against Leicester but hopefully the crutches he was using were just precautionary.

It looked like a nasty tackle on him and he hurt his ankle.

Jonny Williams is also a definite doubt for Saturday, while Dean Moxey isn't available either.

I've got to have a really big think who can handle playing and who needs a rest, and maybe we need to freshen it up with someone with a different mindset.

I can take criticism, I've got no problem with that. The lads have got to be realistic and we've still got a fantastic opportunity to achieve what we want.

No one can believe we could be lifting our hands at Wembley in the play-offs apart from me.

I've got to pick the players up and I'm going to need some help with that – I want the fans to get behind them even more.

If we can get a win on Saturday, that would get us back in track, maybe not for automatic but for the play-offs.

We have got to go for it and I need our fans to help us.

To be honest, I'm disappointed with Aruna Dindane's fitness. I watched him in the U21s game on Monday, and the difference between the U21s and the first team is world's apart.

He managed 55-60 minutes and his fitness has been a concern to me all along.

It's about him catching up to play at our level. When our lads can do 2000m in specific run and he can only do 600m, there's a lot of catching up to do.

I always said he was a gamble and most of his game is about his strength and power, so it's all right having a very good reputation, but is he able to take someone's place?

I personally don't think he's that close to coming off the bench for us either, that's how concerned I am, so to say I'm disappointed is a big understatement.

IAN HOLLOWAY: Fans can help Crystal Palace break run of poor form

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