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OLLIE'S WAY: No excuses - but poor pitch at Blackpool didn't help us


IT took a great strike on Easter Monday from the edge of the box that got Blackpool all three points, when really the pitch didn't help.

It wasn't conducive for football, but what can you say, that's just the way it's going for us at the moment.

We need to show character, but I felt our overall performance we did show that and we did still believe in ourselves.

We didn't panic and we kept going but a great strike has done it for them.

The pitch was the same for both teams and it would have affected the way Blackpool play because they have wonderful players like us.

It was tough to get hold of the ball and take two or three chances to do that.

We tried to move the ball around and we needed something out of the ordinary.

We're not the only team having a stutter and not winning games we want to win – we have six games left and we've got to get as many points as we can.

We didn't make the most of our advantage but we didn't create that much either.

I wanted us to be solid instead of going gung-ho, and I had hoped one of our widemen or Jonny Williams coming on would have got us something.

It's the worst run we've had now since the start of the season, so I don't want anyone to feel sorry for themselves.

Matty Phillips stepped up to the plate for Blackpool in the end, but we need our players to do that now.

I saw it when I first arrived – we had penalties going in and great free-kicks whizzing in.

It doesn't always go that way though so we've got to keep working.

Our best chance was actually when Barry Ferguson was sent off for the foul on Yannick Bolasie. We had won the ball back and had a chance to run at people.

If Yannick had not been brought down, he would have played it wide and we would have had a chance to outnumber them at the back.

But Blackpool dug in and were resilient.

They felt aggrieved by the red card, but we've got to show the same thing now against Barnsley at home and be up and at it.

At the moment, I'm trying to be proud of what I'm doing at Palace and at the moment it isn't going right – that's just the way it goes in football.

All I can say is, the game on Monday should not have been a defeat from what I saw, especially with the match statistics.

When it goes against you, you look for character, and that's what I'm expecting from my boys right now – it's all still there to play for.

We've lost the last three games. Did I see it coming? No.

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