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Stuck in snow and bemused by FA rap


I WENT out with my wife on Tuesday night to a nice Indian restaurant for my birthday, but the day before was awful as we had to abandon our car because of the heavy snow.

We were on the Kent and Surrey border and we went to go and book a hotel but we couldn't, so we then had to try and get the car up a hill.

That didn't work so we had to leave it and walk for two miles – it was absolutely hideous.

I couldn't get into work and neither could the likes of Glenn Murray, who lives down the M23, or Julian Speroni.

It was a bit surreal really and I wasn't expecting that on my birthday in March, ever.

Meanwhile, I'm bemused about the charge from the Football Association, not disappointed. I've read the referee's report and I just don't know what they're doing to be honest.

I've gone onto the pitch last Saturday to get my players off and I got aggressively attacked by one of Leeds' players – do they know me? Am I just going to put up with that? No.

I tried to get my players off like I did at Huddersfield Town, so as far as I'm concerned it's nonsense.

Wilfried's charge, well, he's actually stuck his finger up which is a terrible gesture, isn't it? What on earth did he think he was doing?

I wasn't sure what the Leeds fans were doing – were they booing or was it something worse?

He's going to have to learn with those sort of things, but I haven't been able to have a word with him because I haven't seen him.

He's had terrible toothache and I've heard he's got to have work done on his root canal, so he's been missing from training this week.

The FA will fine him, but they won't ban him, so I'm hoping he'll be OK for Sunday.

Cardiff and Leicester drawing on Tuesday night was the best result we could have hoped for, but there are lots of twists and turns still to come.

What you feel might be a disastrous result might not be – in other words, we beat Hull 4-2 then they go and nick second again after Monday night.

It's all about us keeping our nerve and picking up points. And I felt that point we picked up against a completely up-for-it Leeds last Saturday will be a good one.

I've been promoted when I was 32 points off top spot and also 26 points off from second spot in my career - we have just to be on a good run at the right time.

We've won five, drawn two and lost one in our last eight games. Other teams have done better than that, and teams like Nottingham Forest are galloping up the table.

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