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Ollie's Way: 'The way Mile Jedinak challenge ended was hideous'

MILE JEDINAK would never dream of an unfair challenge in my opinion.

I think he'll crunch you and you'll know you've been hit, but he would never, ever dream of that sort of thing at Huddersfield Town last Wednesday.

I totally believe, totally and utterly, really strongly, that that collision didn't need to be like that.

I tried to speak to the referee and unfortunately it ended up in a massive melee afterwards. But I was fuming.

Mile is severely injured, and Huddersfield can argue back, but the way it was ended was just so hideous from an opposition.

Only Keith Southern (pictured right) from their team came in and asked how he was.

He is one of the most fantastic people I've ever known in my life and I asked him to come and look at my captain.

He was absolutely devastated and I told him what I felt. I also told him what was said to my captain by the fella that did it.

I was expecting the player who did it to come and ask how a fellow professional is, just to say 'sorry' or 'I didn't mean that'.

That didn't happen, so I'm absolutely disgusted by that.

I went to the referee and showed him my captain's face and asked him how possibly, on earth, could this happen while he's refereeing a game, that he didn't see it, his assistants didn't see it and his other official didn't see it.

I asked him, with the greatest respect, 'how are you possibly good enough to officiate in a game like this if you didn't see it'? I don't think I was being rude or wrong, I had every right to ask how it could possibly happen, and that my whole squad saw it.

My captain stated it happened, he was on the floor, they played on, so no one is taking responsibility.

For me, this is what life is all about. You either like me or loathe me, I don't care, I try to take responsibility for actions or words.

Until this game gets back to that, the whole thing is back to a horrendous mess. It's getting greedier and greedier and more and more money.

I said to the Huddersfield chairman 'how can you be celebrating when my captain looks like that'?

If it was an accident, I felt he should have apologised. I played football for around 700 games, I'm short and I've got a big nose, which broke five times. I can honestly say every one of those was a fair challenge.

One of my players has got a broken nose and a fractured cheekbone, and he got up as fast as he could.

You have a duty to your fellow professionals to respect them.

Is elbowing someone in the face what we want to win a game? Where does it stop? And four officials can't see it? Well, they're not good enough then. How many more do you need?

Or is it about us as managers disciplining players who step out of line? When we were brought up, we were disciplined by the older players and that's what we need to get back.

We're supposed to be playing a wonderful game, and at the end of the day, integrity is far more important than any score.

To me, it's how you play the game and how you get results, especially after what happened last week to Mile.

Ollie's Way: 'The way Mile Jedinak challenge ended was hideous'

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