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OLLIE'S WAY: Jacob Butterfield's had it tough, but he's a nice lad


I'M HOPING to have Jacob Butterfield on loan until the end of the season, instead of one month.

I really like him and he's a good passer of the ball. He's had it tough, as he just got in the team at Barnsley then everybody was talking about him.

Premier League clubs were fighting over him and he went to Norwich City, but they bought him injured, so it was pretty frustrating, but he's a nice, down-to-earth lad and it's about getting that balance right.

The bad news is we've lost Alex Nimely for three to four weeks. He tore a piece of his hamstring against Bolton last week and it's a little bit more serious than we were hoping, so it's probably four weeks he's going to be out.

I think we'll be looking at bringing in someone again.

However, I will never talk about anybody else's player because you could upset your owner and you can also upset that club – you should never talk about anybody and I never will.

However, DJ Campbell won't be coming to us from Queens Park Rangers.

I've allowed David Wright to go to Gillingham and we're working on trying to get him there.

I think the reason he isn't there already is that my chairman and their chairman are discussing bits and pieces, but that's none of my business.

Owen Garvan has got a knee injury at the moment as we know. The chairman and I spoke about his contract situation on Monday and I think he was going to give him a ring to say we were talking and thinking about him.

But we don't know when he's going to be fit yet.

At the moment I just want to help my players rather than concern myself about their future yet. I just want them to keep winning and getting back to winning ways because we're still in a fantastic position.

Cardiff City are getting stronger and stronger, so good luck to them, and we're being as busy as we've ever been, I would suggest.

We've got some decent targets, but whether we can get them, I don't know. I just can't name names I'm afraid.

This weekend we've got no game but I'll still be busy and I'm going scouting.

I'll be going to watch a specific transfer target that we've already enquired about and maybe try to finalise a bid we've been making.

It's exciting for me as I know what we need. I've been at the club long enough now to help this group and make us stronger.

I don't think we're as strong as some of the other squads and I'm going to try to strengthen other areas.

To be honest, every fan will have their idea of where that is but I'm on it, and Steve and I have had good conversations and we've got a great scouting network.

I've got my own people from the last 17 years and I've done all right in the transfer market to say the least.

So I'm looking forward to putting my mark on this group very soon.

OLLIE'S WAY: Jacob Butterfield's had it tough, but he's a nice lad

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