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Croydon's Allen Taekwondo Academy has successful 2014


THE year of 2014 was a very successful one for Allen Taekwondo Academy, based in Thornton Heath.

After Stephanie Allen stepped down from the GB Taekwondo Academy, she is now working twice as hard to maintain her A-Class level, with help from her father Master Richard Allen, who is a former Team GB Coach and currently an England Commonwealth Coach since 2006.

Stephanie trains every morning alongside her team-mates Feyi Pearce, Amin Badr, Jibreel Maleek, and at her first competition after the Academy, she lost in a sudden death to Canada in the semi-finals at the Commonwealth in Edinburgh.

Stephanie is working very hard to win more G1, G2, G3 and G4 competitions and more in 2015.

Meanwhile, Feyi Pearce, also of Allen Taekwondo Academy, has been juggling A-Level college work and Taekwondo trainings.

Feyi is now seven-time British Champion, winning both Senior and Junior level at various competitions.

He represented Team GB at the World Grand Prix in Manchester, reaching the top 16th position in the world.

And Feyo then went on to win medals in both Junior and Senior at the Commonwealth in Edinburgh, topping the year of spectacular achievements with ATA 2014 Student of the Year.

A number of of other students from Allen Taekwondo Academy have also been action.

Georgia Stanley won Gold at the Poomsae Nationals in Crawley and Silver at the Commonwealth in Edinburgh.

Neil Patel won medals at the G1 international competitions – Dutch and German Open; Silver at the Nationals in Manchester and Bronze at the Commonwealth in Edinburgh, while Daniel Oluwatoyin won Bronze at the Commonwealth in Edinburgh.

Dharnell Nugent, 11, became National Champion both in Poomsae and Fighting, and Darhys Nugent was given the BYA Sport Award.

The Academy's Poomsae team consisted of Winston Casaclang, Darhys and Dharnell Nugent, Georgia Stanley, Thu Hoang Nguyen. Donna Harrison Nguyen also included, and was selected for the GB Team after winning several Gold medals.

The Allen Taekwondo Academy does not only focus on Taekwondo. All students take the discipline they learn from training and apply it to all aspects of their lives, what is showing in their other achievements.

For example, Stephanie Allen and Piers Elliott are studying at Loughborough University, Neil Patel achieved 9A* and 4A's at GSCE, Rhianna Dorris was the youngest British Taekwondo black belt and now she is performing on the big theatre stage in Matilda and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The Academy want all of their students to achieve the best of their abilities and to go above and beyond the targets set for them.

Master Richard Allen and the Academy wouldn't be able train and teach the students without the fantastic support and help of the schools who facilitate their sessions.

A special mention goes to Susan Papas, the Head of Heavers Farm Primary School, Selsdon Primary School, Management at Kensington Avenue Primary School in Norbury, Jane Mines at Alleyn's Junior School in Dulwich and Claudine Payne at Studio 74 in Bromley, as well as the management at the Fusion Fitness Centre in Thornton Heath.

And of course, the Academy has to thank to parents, carers and student who the ATA sessions.

The Academy will now focus on looking to break boundaries further and work hard to have even more achievements to be proud of in 2015. 

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