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Girl's school collection to replace stolen Poppy money


WHEN eight-year-old Millie Timmins learned that Poppy Appeal money had been stolen from her favourite fish and chip shop, she decided to help put things right.

Her solution was to go to her school friends at and ask them to contribute to her own collection.

Last Friday (November 14), she turned up with her mum Jodie and sister Izzie at Danny's fish and chip shop, in Old Coulsdon, and handed owner Danny Tevfik the results of her efforts – a total of £52.52.

Izzie, 6, added another 60p from her own pocket money.

The Advertiser last week reported how the Poppy Appeal collection box was stolen from the shop on the day before Remembrance Sunday (Saturday, November 8).

The thief ran into the shop, grabbed the collection box and ran off towards Marlpit Lane.

Mr Tevfik believes the box could have contained as much as £70 or £80.

He said Millie's family visited his shop quite regularly and he knew her fairly well.

Mr Tevfik said: "She came in with her mum last Wednesday when the police were here and asked what had happened to me.

"Her mum told her what had happened and explained about the significance of the Poppy collection.

"It seems then she decided to do something to help and went into school the next day and asked her friends to help."

On the Friday evening she came back into the shop and handed Mr Tevfik the money, mostly collected from her schoolmates at St Anne's, in Banstead.

Mr Tevfik, who has run the shop for three years, said: "I was nearly in tears when she gave me the money.

"It was just unbelievable."

The girls' mother, of Tollers Lane, Old Coulsdon, explained: "We went into the chip shop last Wednesday and the guys in there told us what had happened.

"When we left, Millie said straight away that it was terrible and she wanted to raise some money

"It started with £5 of her own pocket money and then she collected the rest from family, friends and teachers.

"Everyone was just popping money in because they knew it was such a good thing she was doing.

"She said she just wanted to raise money for the soldiers."

Mrs Timmins added: "Danny got a bit emotional I think. It's just nice that the community has come together like this.

"I'm really proud of her."

Mr Tevfik said the good news did not end with Millie's effort because since the box was stolen, customers have donated £150 to the appeal and he and his staff added another £100.

He said: "With the money from Millie it means we have raised about £300 which I am told by the Royal British Legion makes us the record holder for this year.

"It shows how people are in Old Coulsdon."

"At the end of the day things have turned out really well and it will be even better if the police now catch the thief," he added.

Girl's school collection to replace stolen Poppy money

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