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Man writes 'marry me' in Christmas lights on South Norwood home


WHEN lovestruck Leigh Symonds saw colourful Christmas lights stuck outside her South Norwood home, she was pretty unhappy.

But little did the 27-year-old realise they were shaped to spell out the words "Marry Me".

Her partner Jamie Marriott had gone to great lengths to propose in a magical way.

And the neighbours in Ferndale Road were left cheering when he got down on one knee... and a tearful Leigh said yes.

Jamie, a firefighter based in Brixton, said: "I wanted to do something memorable and stand out. I didn't want to be too predictable. I wanted it to be a boom, shock.

"I thought of a few things and this just came to me.

"She's been on my case for about two years and used to send me pictures of the ring she wanted."

Jamie, 26, had picked up Leigh from work, having spent about three hours in the freezing cold fixing the lights to the front of the house.

He then dropped her at the top of the road so she could walk while he "found somewhere to park".

At first she admitted being a "stroppy madam" as she wanted white lights on the property.

But as she got closer, Jamie had wound down his car windows and was playing the Ben E King song Stand By Me – set to be their first wedding dance.

He then got out and asked for her hand in marriage last Wednesday.

Jamie said "She was made up. I think she said 'is this really happening?'"

The couple have been dating for four-and-a-half years, with Leigh explaining Jamie asked her on a date "100 times".

Leigh said: "It was all surreal. I was totally shocked because he's not that kind of person normally.

"He's not an old romantic. It just totally blew me away. I couldn't stop laughing. I was just really happy."

Even though the beautiful moment has passed, the lights have remained up this week.

Leigh laughed: "I get really embarrassed.

"I've been begging him to take them down since last Wednesday but I come home from shopping and they're up.

"It's really sweet, but I can't wait for them to come down!

"He's blown me away. I can't believe he did it and how much effort and planning there was.

"I had no idea and feel very lucky."

The loved-up pair plan to enjoy their engagement and get married in 2014.

Man writes 'marry me' in Christmas lights on South Norwood home

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