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Rugby world cup anthem composed by Croydon trio


FOR a sport as northern as Yorkshire pudding, you may be surprised to hear the Rugby League World Cup soundtrack is by a trio of Croydon musicians.

Steve Boyce, Eric Olley and Simon Tindle recorded We Will Be Kings for charity, but have since seen their song picked up as the tournament's official song.

The anthem is being played on a number of radio stations up north, as well as in the stadiums before games.

Steve, 55, recorded the track as a collaboration with Eric Olley, 54, and Simon Tindle, 44, in his home studio in Whyteleafe.

The trio, who met in a pub about five years ago, are hoping the exposure they receive will propel them into the commercial music industry.

Steve, who admits he is not a huge rugby fan, said: "The song is not necessarily like all my music but this job came in and we thought we should write something anthemic that would be good to chant along to.

"We've had lots of messages of support for the track and it's all for charity, so we're hopeful it will do quite well."

The Rugby League World Cup is taking place at huge stadiums, including the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Wembley and Old Trafford.

Professional musician, Steve, who plays regular gigs around Croydon at venues like The Earl of Eldon, in Brighton Road, has yet to play the track live.

But there is a possibility the group will be asked to play the song, which is available on iTunes, before the final at the Old Trafford on November 30.

Steve added: "That would obviously be fantastic but the logistics of it would be mad.

"If we're asked then it would be hard to turn down. Some members of the England squad have already said they love it, so I think we've got their support."

In 2008, Steve won a competition to open for Eric Clapton in front of 40,000 people in Hyde Park.

"That was a fascinating experience but once you start playing it doesn't really matter if there's thousands of people in front of you," he said.

The trio are unnamed but originally wanted to call themselves Fizzy Guinness.

And although they are enjoying the success of their track, they now believe their future is in producing music for television and films.

Eric, a huge Chelsea fan who lives in West Croydon, said: "We really like collaborating with each other and we have sent stuff to different agencies.

"There are thousands of people trying to do it but you never know what might crop up and if you get something successful there can be a lot of royalties in it. We can't really be bothered to go on a proper tour because we're getting a bit older.

"But we love just getting in a room and seeing what comes out of it."

Royalties made from We Will Be Kings will go to the tournament's Wooden Spoon children's charity.

Rugby world cup anthem composed by Croydon trio

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