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Pupils will be 'paid' to come to school on time


PUPILS at school which was taken over by an academy because it was failing are to be 'paid' to turn up on time.

Youngsters at Addington High are being awarded points worth a penny each for achieving targets such as perfect attendance or being extra helpful.

The points can be traded to buy certain goods such as computer games.

The Vivo Miles scheme, in place in thousands of schools across the UK, was launched for Year 7 and Year 8 pupils at a special assembly on Tuesday.

School leaders are confident the scheme will improve children's motivation and behaviour.

Vice Principal Mike Piper told pupils they would not be rewarded for doing what they should be doing, but for extra good work.

He said: "You get Vivos for doing really, really good work, not just handing in something that is normal.

"Vivos for excellent work – Vivos for really, really good behaviour in class."

The only exception to this is attendance.

Students will be rewarded if they come to school on time every day for a entire half term. It has not been decided how much.

They will also be rewarded for helping out at school outside class and participating in school life.

The school, which became an academy under the sponsorship of Bromley-based Ravens Wood school this year, has spent £5,000 to implement the scheme so far.

Mr Piper told pupils he estimated the school would spend about £15,000 on points by the end of the year.

He added: "That is £15,000 that the school has put aside in order to reward everybody in this room for doing the right thing."

Students buy goods available on the Vivo Miles website and they are delivered to the school.

Each teacher will have a maximum number of points they can award each week.

There is a tracking system to make sure teachers are being fair, while youngsters have a password and card so the system is secure.

Mr Piper added: "Let's be realistic, in the society in which we live, dangling the carrot does not do them any harm.

"The vast majority of them will do the right thing anyway, so it is just about recognising that."

Year 7 pupils have given the scheme an early thumbs-up.

Bailey Barham said: "I am going to listen much more in class and concentrate."

Jimmy Hewlett said: "It is brilliant. You can buy stuff but you don't have to work for it outside of school. I want to get an iPad. I am going to be more helpful."

Anna May added: "I think it is good because it helps people in their behaviour."

Pupils will be 'paid' to come to school on time

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