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BRIT School students targeted by robbers


THE famous BRIT School – which has nurtured singers including Adele and Leona Lewis – has been targeted by a gang of muggers.

Police have confirmed 10 muggings have been reported around the area of the school, in The Crescent, Selhurst, since November 19.

And one student has claimed up to 75 pupils have been targeted in the past year.

The school is working with police to improve safety in the area, amid fears youngsters are being targeted for the high-value equipment they carry around.

Some have even resorted to carrying pretend phones for fear of being robbed.

In an e-mail to the Advertiser, student Eleanor Tilleard wrote: "Our school is being seriously targeted by local gangs who are robbing students of phones, wallets and even oyster cards.

"The situation has escalated to a ridiculous level.

"It is estimated that more than 75 muggings have taken place around the area of Edith Road in the past year.

"So far the muggers have not been violent to anyone and students have been under the instruction to not attempt to 'be brave' and stand up to them – for their own safety.

"I, and many others, feel that not enough is being done to tackle the problem."

A petition calling for extra police officers within the area has been signed by 800 people.

Newly-elected Croydon North MP Steve Reed said he plans to present the concerns to City Hall.

He added: "It's dreadful. We know robbery is going up across the borough and we know there has been a spate of attacks around the BRIT School.

"What they need when there has been an increase in robberies is to increase the number of (police) patrols."

A spokeswoman for the BRIT School said: "We have been communicating with students, parents and staff as to how they can minimise risk and the school is taking measures to aid prevention of these crimes by working closely with the police and council to improve safety in the neighbourhood.

"It is paramount that our students feel safe.

"Therefore, in addition, we have made staff available to walk groups to the station in the evening and increased staff presence in the local streets at lunchtime and after school."

Police explained that there have been ten offences of robbery and theft in that area reported to them since November 19.

The force has increased the number of patrols in the area, using both plainclothes and uniformed officers.

A spokesman for Croydon Police added: "Our advice to students is to keep your valuables concealed and stay vigilant when you are out and about, and to call 999 if you see anybody acting suspiciously in the area.

"We also think there may have been people who have been a victim of a robbery or mugging and haven't reported it to police, and we would encourage any person in this situation to report it to us by calling 101."

Two girls, aged 16 and 17, were arrested on November 30 in connection with one and three robberies respectively.

They have been bailed until January 11, pending further inquiries.

BRIT School students targeted by robbers

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