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'You'll not find a pig's head in our lockers'


OUR performances with the bat and the ball haven't been good enough – we know that and we are trying to address it.

I think sometimes we have been giving wickets away cheaply, and others we have been searching for wickets when we haven't needed to.

Some decisions at key times haven't been quite right, but I think once we sort out a few little things we should be able to turn our form around, and quite quickly too.

Hopefully, that will start in the friendly with Oxford this week.

I've been playing with Jason Roy since I was ten, but I've never seen him captain a side before so I'm really looking forward to him skippering Surrey at Oxford – I think it will be a great experience for him.

I don't think Jason will shy away from making decisions and he must be making good ones because I think he wants me to be his vice-captain.

I've read about Stoke City's pig's head pranks this week and I can honestly say nothing like that happens at Surrey.

Our idea of a funny prank is Gary Wilson throwing a plum at Jason Roy and it catching him on the back of the head.

Jason ran into the building, but we couldn't find him anywhere.

It was funny but it's not really on the scale of a pig's head, but then again, if the consequences of that sort of prank is a brick through your car window, then most cricketers can't afford it.

There are more in the way of pranks at Banstead. Some are unrepeatable, but most are just stupid.

Jak Martin once taped my older brother, Liam's, kit to the ceiling of the changing rooms.

It was raining at the time but he was next up to bat and was going mad looking for it while standing directly under it.

When we are on away trips we do other things to amuse ourselves. Steven Davies, Chris Tremlett and Tom Jewell have developed an obsession with snooker after the World Championship and so they have been playing that all the time.

Tremlett has even bought his own cue.

Jason Roy, Matthew Dunn and I are amateurs in comparison, but we do like a bit of pool or darts to keep us entertained.

'You'll not find a pig's head in  our lockers'

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