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Steve Parish happy with reaction to new Crystal Palace badge


PALACE co-chairman Steve Parish has been delighted with the reaction from the fans on the club's new badge and kits ahead of next season.

All was unveiled at Tuesday's end-of-season awards night at Fairfield Halls, and the Eagles supremo revealed how the final design was made.

"It was about taking feedback and incorporating it into something," Parish said.

"If you put both badges side by side it's a massive step forward.

"I worked with a designer and we went through lots of different designs, maybe hundreds.

"The designs the fans put out online, we took them all to a designer, and there was one guy on the BBS called Dan who really designed it to my brief.

"This new badge brings all the new elements of the club in a seamless fashion.

"I think the representation of Crystal Palace is so much better on this one than the old badge."

And on the new kits for next season, Parish said he had kept an eye on the design they went for after seeing it online.

He does admit though that not everyone may like the home version at first but believes it will "grow on them".

"We wanted to keep some consistency with the colours," said Parish.

"There has been a mixed reaction to it but people like the away kit if they're not too sure about the home one.

"Some people have said it looks like FC Basel, but I like it, and again it's a design that appeared on the BBS a couple of years ago probably.

"We kept an eye on a few of the designs on there, and there is one guy on there that does hundreds of kit designs.

"There is space for a half and half style kit and I think it will grow on people. We did a players' fit and a normal fit, which no other club does, I think.

"There will be a third, all-yellow kit for emergencies in the kit bag if we're not allowed to wear either home or away kits.

"There is a possibility if we played someone in dark blue, we wouldn't be allowed to wear either, but it won't be on sale, it will just be for the players."

Fans' views on Twitter on the new club badge:

@jhc_1954 - Modern updated Eagle atop the traditional Crystal Palace - great mix of old & new.

@JamieYates89 - Great new fresh design with the history of the old badge still involved.

@Matt_Coleman91 - I was worried about the change of badge, but this is the perfect combination of heritage and modern design #cpfc

@Jacqui78 - Love the New Badge :-) great mix of our heritage and modernizing [sic] it at the same time!

@tweetingnav - A vast improvement on the old one, but not enough of a departure for me. Would have preferred something more modern

@LeeStTaylor - Love the Badge...much more up to date.

@steakandchips82 - I like the new crest. The Eagle definitely looks like it means business - reflects the team this season. #cpfc

@eagle44 - Love the badge - has all the right elements - HATE the new home kit.

@Angus66Mainland - it's not bad, looks old school, more a step back than forward but it wasn't the worst!

Steve Parish happy with reaction to new Crystal Palace badge

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