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Crimewatch viewer offers to top-up Gary Hayward reward


A CRIMEWATCH viewer shocked by the attempted murder of Gary Hayward has offered to add thousands of pounds to the reward put up by police.

Among the more than two dozen tip-offs and fresh leads officers received following Monday's reconstruction was an offer made from a caller – with no connection to Croydon – to add a substantial amount to the £20,000 reward.

Zowey Hayward, Gary's sister, was stunned after being told about the man's offer.

"It's made my last 18 months to think that someone really cares enough about Gary, about society, to do that," she told the Advertiser.

" It's an amazing gesture and, whoever they are, I can't thank them enough."

Police have already offered a reward for information which leads to the conviction of those responsible for attacking Gary, then 27, in Central Parade on October 2, 2011.

The reconstruction on Crimewatch showed how John Hayward, Gary's father, was confronted by youths, who had been hassling him for months, while on his way to Booze Bank in Central Parade.

While in the shop he called his ex-wife Wendie and she sent another family member, and then Gary, to help.

When he arrived, John pointed to the youths, who were waiting by New Addington Library. Gary walked up to them and confronted them about the harassment.

By the time John caught up with his son, he was already laying in the road having been attacked by the youths.

John told the BBC's Crimewatch: "He got up and shouted at them: 'Leave my dad alone'.

"Then we saw all these other youths coming from the other end of the parade.

"I remember them knocking Gary to the ground and beating him all the time, non-stop. They were beating me as well. At that point I decided to lay still."

The youths set upon the two men with pieces of wood and metal taken from a nearby bin.

John pretended to be unconscious and their attackers fled into the estate. Shortly afterwards, Wendie and other family members arrived.

John said: "I was covered from head to foot in blood. Gary's mum was crying."

Wendie said: "He was choking, covered in blood. I went on to my knees and held him.

"When I looked at him I thought he couldn't recover from it."

The appeal prompted more than 30 calls from the public, leads which the police are now working on.

"It was hard to watch," said Zowey. "Hearing my voice from the original 999 call was difficult, I didn't realise they were going to do that.

"I wasn't sure whether I wanted to do it to begin with but I'm really pleased there was a big response.

"Over the last 18 months I've wondered whether we were alone up here, but it's good to know there are other people in New Addington willing to stand up to these people."

The police are now following up the offer to boost the reward, along with other information received as result of the appeal.

Crimewatch viewer offers to top-up Gary Hayward reward

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