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Croydon University Hospital "left bag inside woman, 97"


CROYDON University Hospital has begun an investigation into claims that staff left a "bag" inside a 97-year-old patient.

The full details of how the object was discovered by Annie Gore's carer – weeks after she was discharged – are too distressing to print.

Mrs Gore has since passed away, leading her family to accuse the hospital of taking away her dignity in the final days of her life.

There is no suggestion that the object was connected to her death.

Sharon O'Neill, Mrs Gore's granddaughter, said it was the first time she felt relieved that her grandmother had dementia.

"After Nannie came home from the hospital she seemed quieter than usual," she said.

"Because of her health she had a carer who visited her three times a day.

"One day she was cleaning her when she noticed something.

"When we started to take it out and Nannie started screaming. She was bruised and clearly distressed.

"Nannie could barely remember what happened five minutes ago so we can take some comfort that she probably didn't recall how horrible it all was."

Ms O'Neill and other family members inspected and took photographic evidence of the object – which they described as an "long elasticated bag" – before arranging an appointment with a GP.

It remains unclear what the item was or how long it had been inside Mrs Gore, who had been in and out of hospital for several months, initially following a fall at the end of January.

The family were told the grandmother might have bowel cancer, but were under the impression that a procedure had not taken place due to her age.

She was discharged and then readmitted on February 26 after her hands and feet became swollen.

The object was discovered when she was at home in Tylecroft Road, Norbury, on April 3.

But as her family began to look into what had happened, Mrs Gore's health deteriorated.

Five days after the item was found she was taken to St George's Hospital, where she died from pneumonia on April 12.

Her family are balancing their desire for answers with her funeral, which is due to be held today (Friday).

"It's been an unimaginably difficult time," said Ms O'Neill.

"At the moment it's difficult for us to think of anything other than her funeral, but we're desperate to know something like this could happen. It's an undignified way for nannie's life to end."

Croydon Health Services, the trust that runs the hospital, said it could not comment on specific cases.

Croydon University Hospital

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