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Burn the Calories Before We Eat Them This Festive Season - See what exercise you need to keep trim


We are all prone to weight gain over the festive season, but it is not JUST down to eating and drinking too much.....

According to LA fitness (www.lafitness.co.uk), attendance at the gym declines by a staggering 30 – 35% during the month of December suggesting that the UK is choosing the more indulgent options that are available at that time of year, such as party going or hours spent in front of the television.  LA fitness believes that there is certainly nothing wrong with indulging yourself during the festive season provided you remember to balance this out with healthier habits at other times of the day.

"Staying fit and enjoying the festive season can be done together and with a little health and fitness know-how you don't have to avoid all the parties" said Tony Orme from LA fitness.

Amount of exercise needed to work off Christmas treats

4oz Christmas pudding (300 calories)

45 extra minutes in an aerobics class

One mince pie (250 calories)

30 minute swim

90g serving of roast turkey (149 calories)

30 minute stroll round the neighbourhood

5 Cadbury's Roses or Heroes (200 calories)

20 minutes on the running machine

1 measure of Baileys (114 calories)

4 minute kiss under the mistletoe!

70g slice of iced rich Christmas cake (245 calories)

30 minutes on the rowing machine

 A night out at the office Christmas party

Its's gonna be tough but after a bit of a lie in, plenty of water and breakfast hit the gym and get active for 30-60 minutes, you will feel better afterwards – we promise. Continue to drink plenty of water throughout the day and avoid fatty processed foods.

Keeping to your normal workout schedule as much as possible will avoid the onslaught of the 'downslide' so it's advisable to get some exercise into most days.  If you really can't get into the gym then get into 'snack-tivity' snippets of exercise that add up to at least 30 minutes a day, such as turning the music up and speed cleaning the house or hitting the sales for a walk round the shops. 

Get in shape before the season starts by using our FREE 3-day trial 

Simply visit http://www.lafitness.co.uk/gym-vouchers/3daypass/  and come and give us a go.  Plus December Exclusive: Join today and receive free gym membership until 2013!

Burn the Calories Before We Eat Them This Festive Season - See what exercise you need to keep trim

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