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Crystal Palace supremo: Luis Suarez bite is "embarrassing"

CRYSTAL Palace co-chairman Steve Parish has questioned why Luis Suarez would want to bite an opponent and has labelled his actions on Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic yesterday as "embarrassing".
Suarez has since come out and issued an official apology through Liverpool's club website and on his personal Twitter account, but Parish now believes the striker is a "marked man".
"I've seen a picture of it," he told Advertiser Sport this morning.
"When you were six-years-old, didn't you used to bite? Or if you were in a fight, didn't you resort to biting?
"It's not a very manly thing to do, is it? It's a bit embarrassing. What makes you bite someone?
"In my position, you feel sorry for the people around him, the manager, the chairman and the fans of Liverpool.
"You don't need players doing those type of things because it's hard enough as it is given all that aggravation.
"The problem is, once you get highlighted, then the press and the pundits go after you.
"He could have scythed somebody down two-footed, and now it says 'kick out the cannibal' on the back of one tabloid this morning.
"He's marked man, that's the problem."
Parish believes it's vital a club finds out why a player would do something harmful to an opponent and to see if there were any influences before taking action.
"I think you need to understand the full story, but in this case the club will fine him and the Football Association will do something.
"I think you've got to talk to the player and understand the context to see if there were any mitigating circumstances.
"Clubs have normally got a policy for these kind of things, so you've got to follow that.
"If you apply different punishments for different things as you see fit, I think you're in a world of pain with managing the squad as it becomes all subjective.
"He has come out and apologised, but it isn't the nicest thing to come out and do.
"For me, people are on his case and it's a strange, strange thing to do.
"Hopefully he learns his lesson."

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Crystal Palace supremo: Luis Suarez bite is

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