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Ollie's Way: Glenn Murray deserved player of the year award


I WAS very disappointed that Glenn Murray missed out on the Championship player of the year award last Sunday. What more could he have done?

He's had a fantastic season, but they gave it to someone who is on loan and I find that hard to believe, I really do.

Glenn is having his best season ever and this bloke Vydra is very young and talented, but he is owned by a fantastic football club that are richer than most – and that's certainly not Watford, is it?

I don't know what more he needed to do to get that award but it's not about that, he knows he's having a good season and hopefully it will get even better from now on in.

I think his contract talks are close to being agreed and I've got no worries he's going to sign a new one.

I know Wilfried won the young player of the year award last year, but well done to Tom Ince because he's worked hard and he's a fantastic and emerging talent so good luck to him.

It's good to see Nigel Adkins back in management this week at Reading and good luck to him and whatever he needs to do.

How they expect Nigel now to pick up the reins and do better than Brian McDermott with that group of players, I do not know.

But who am I? I'm just someone who is trying to work hard and earn a living, but it does beggar belief to me how he can get sacked at Southampton by them saying he's not good enough and then he gets the Reading job, taking over someone who beat him last season in the Championship.

I find that hard to believe, but well done and good luck to him.

And how ironic is it that Nigel's first home game is against Southampton next weekend?

I know which team I want win and that will be Nigel's team because it was a terrible sacking.

It happens to everyone in this day and age, but Nigel didn't deserve to lose his job and now he's got another guy's job, who didn't deserve to lose his.

England played well on Tuesday in the first half, but Montenegro got back in it with the help of that crowd – I had never heard anything like it.

How someone is allowed to sing into a megaphone as well, I do not know, and every time they went to take a corner they were bombarded with God knows what – it was disgraceful.

I like the way we're trying to play and the combination of the young and the old players.

I think we will be top of the qualification group if we continue to play like that.

Unfortunately, they got a goal, and on the balance of play they probably deserved one.

And how unlucky was Wayne Rooney when he hit the post with that chip? He was the best player on the pitch.

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