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Ollie's Way: 'Crystal Palace must now focus on eight huge games'


WE KNEW what was at stake at Brighton, but we just didn't rise to the occasion.

I think the timing of the goals really knocked the stuffing out of us and it was a tad unfair in my opinion with the deflection for the opener.

There are no complaints from me – this is the Championship. We're in a fantastic position with eight games left and it's down to shrugging off last Sunday and getting on with it.

We are looking to bounce back and we now have two big games in three days coming up.

Our early defending against Brighton was fine, which led us to counter-attack, but we weren't potent and we weren't at it.

We had probably two chances, and one of them was from their own player.

If I can have the game again, I'd do something slightly different. We would have pressed higher up and not let Brighton get in their rhythm, but it didn't work so let's get the crowd up for Birmingham.

I'm sure Brighton would swap where we are right now, but it's about what we're trying to do – I don't really take any notice of anybody else because I'm focused on just us.

They can say they beat us 3-0, but we can say it back from December – let's get on with it.

What is important is totally and utterly getting enough points to get promoted and that's all I'm focused on.

We have to believe in the players and just put Sunday down as just a bad day at the office.

Apparently I'm supposed to be on Twitter, but it's not me at all.

I really think it's just another social abomination in my opinion.

I think you can be anonymous on the thing and if you've got anything to say, you should talk to people and be respectful.

If you're a football supporter, your job is in the word itself - to support. Is it supporting anybody to unleash abuse or bellyache on people? It's not.

No one meant to play like that and no one was more upset in that dressing room, I can tell you all that right now.

My job is to now get the players upbeat again, not criticise people. I picked the team I thought would win but it didn't work.

With the greatest respect, people pay their money and say what they feel, but you cannot be on one of these things like Twitter which wasn't designed for us human beings to actually communicate through.

It was just one bad result. I've never known such an open chairman like Steve Parish and his board to the fans, and at the end of the day, I think you are all very fortunate to have them.

Try being a Blackburn Rovers fan right now and put things into perspective. Let's get up for Birmingham City and Blackpool.

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